In Loving Memory of Andrea Burden, 10/10/69 – 12/05/09

andreaburdenI am still trying to comprehend the tragic news of Andrea Burden dying last night.  The beautifully talented artist that designed my sweet, magical Attachment Mama banner left this world 48 hours after being diagnosed with bacterial meningitas. I loved her artistic expression and was so thrilled to have her design my site. I also loved her way of being. She was so generous with her gift and her kindness and her support of me and other women in their creative aspirations.

The first time I saw one of her paintings I gasped. I remember vividly the experience of seeing it hanging at Ararat, a groovy middle eastern restaurant in Austin. I felt like I was witnessing pure Spirit on canvas. Her ability to capture the divinity within her subjects was like nothing I’d ever seen.  Profoundly beautiful work.  Please take a minute to peruse the paintings on her web site and experience them for yourself.

Andrea was also the illustrator for a series of children’s books called The Fairy Godmother Academy.

My heart breaks for her family. Andrea was mother to two beautiful girls, Bella and Indira. She and I both had the same midwife, GB Khalsa. My heart aches for her girls. Her partner. Her family. And for her, though I know every Spirit that transitions seems to reassure loved ones in one way or another that they “are at peace”.  I freak out at the thought of leaving this planet before my daughters are adults. If this middle-of-the-night thought or the much, much worse panicked thought of anything happening to them floats into my mind I have to practice the conscious language suggestion of repeating “cancel clear, cancel clear, cancel clear” until it’s gone and I replace it with, “We’re all here; everyone’s healthy and happy; we’re together; thank You for this beautiful Life we share.”

I’m reminded just how precious life is today.

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  1. marci says:

    precious. i love you.

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