Seven Survival Tips for Working Moms

  1. meditationCaffeine.  Love it. Own it. Use it. If you’re surrounded by domineering Alpha Dog men and are challenged to deal with the constant competition for a voice at the table, or the winning contribution du jour — a regular dose of caffeine does wonders for mental acuity and a sharpened capacity to “lean in”. Noticeably effective when feeling exhausted by the work-family juggling act.

  2. Consider Mediation + Mantra. So sitting serenely to meditate outside surrounded by natural beauty isn’t in the cards for a daily ritual? Yeah, me neither. Try using the commute to give mental focus on envisioning your state of being for work versus home.  It’s easy to inadvertently let the lines blur. You can either lose respect on the work front with an imbalanced display of warmth over strength, or get home after a stressful day and let the frustration unfairly spill over to your kids who have been eager for your loving attention all day. When it feels really hard to show more strength at work, or more patience and love at home — try pausing for 10 seconds and running a personal mantra in your head. Personal fave:  I can. I will. I am.   
  3. Prioritize Exercise.  I made the mistake of thinking it was impossible to fit exercise into my work+family care schedule. And the negative impact to my body, mind, and spirit reached a point of badness recently that I could no longer ignore. I’m still working on the best formula for me to stay consistent. But one way I’m starting to make it happen is scheduling 30 minutes on my work calendar 2 or 3 times/week during the day and getting on the treadmill at my office workout room. I also am tricking myself into a dance exercise class once a week that feels more like pure fun than a required chore to drudgingly achieve inner peace and health.
  4. Gift yourself and the family with some easy additions of More Greens into the daily diet.   For breakfast:   Smoothies with frozen kale, frozen berries, coconut water or milk, or milk of choice, nut butter.  For dinner:  just about every easy pasta dish can be just as good with some spinach or broccoli mixed in.
  5. Embrace the digital family calendar.  I’ve been a fan of the Cozi app for scheduling family events and scheduling text and email alerts.  Though I haven’t tried it yet, I’ve also heard that AboutOne is great.
  6. Schedule weekly personal time and date nights.  The first is especially important for introverts like me to recharge and avoid wanting to implode from people-interaction overload. And marriages always seem to come last in families with two working parents. Weekly date nights can do wonders — especially if you can avoid talking about anything that feels like a family to-do list or issue to solve at work.
  7. If all else fails, remember to breathe. Reminds me of a singer we used to listen to non-stop after our youngest was born and life was quite challenging with a colicky baby that didn’t sleep, a 2 year-old, and a teen while surviving the Big Recession. Alexi Murdoch and his song Breathe.  So good….

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  1. mom says:

    All excellent suggestions.

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