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My Path to a Home VBAC

Warning Label: This story contains all kinds of foul language that I’m usually careful about excluding from my articles. But my VBAC story just wouldn’t be the same without it.  Also, this post will, for sure, be my longest post on Attachment Mama as it compares the c-section birth experience with the H-BAC. So grab your tea and a comfy chair and settle in for this one!

My story begins in song. Please sing aloud to the tune of the Brady Bunch theme song:

Here’s the story,

Of a rockin’ home birth

Sometimes I can’t believe that it’s my own

I went to hell and back in 6 long hours

And then my babe was born

A home V-BAC, A home V-BAC

Here’s the story of my ass-kicking V-BAC.


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