A Taste of Austin’s Sweet Songs Album

I have been writing a lot about this groovy children’s album in the works at our Hideout Studios, humbly asking the Austin community and beyond to help support the completion of the project, and the thought occurred to me tonight that if I were asked to consider sponsoring an album, I’d like hear a bit of it to know what I was supporting.

Below is a link to one of my favorite songs on the album called Buzz on Black Fly sung by Elizabeth Suggs and written by her husband, emmet.

Buzz on Black Fly

This is one of 14 songs on our Sweet Songs for Families album that will be available in its entirety by May 2010.

If after hearing this particularly sweet little song you feel inspired to get involved with our project as a sponsor, click here for our fundraising page.  $25 donors receive a mailed copy of the completed CD.  Higher level contribution perks include advertising on the album web site, recognition on liner notes and opportunity to advertise and sell merchandise at our Mother’s Day CD Release concert in Austin.


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