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Sweet Songs Scores #1 Texas Artist CD at Waterloo Records!

We should have brought our fancy camera to better record this wonderful historical moment for the Sweet Songs CD.  Holy Moly, these photos could really use a face lift!

Thanks so much to all the Austin Mamas who rallied together last week to go buy their copy and support the Sweet Songs for Mama’s Milk cause.  In selling 40 copies at Waterloo, we shot up to #4 nationwide.  Rock it!

Don’t live in Austin and are wondering where the heck you can get your own copy?  You can help us keep our ranking at the local store if you purchase at Waterloo or  please visit   Thank you!

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Are You My Mother?

P.D. Eastman

I have often felt like the little bird in “Are You My Mother” during my adult life. We all know the story line by heart:  A Mama Bird leaves to get her almost-hatched baby bird some food. While she’s gone, he hatches and is anxious to find his mother. He falls out of the nest, onto the ground and begins walking along asking every animal (and one bucket-loading snort) that he comes across, “Are You My Mother?”

“No,” said the kitten. “I’m not your mother.”

“No, I’m not your mother,” said the hen.

And so forth.

To a toddler reading the book, it’s apparently supposed to be comical that a bird thinks other animals might be his mother.

Imposing my adult sensibilities on the little plot, I’ve always found it to be rather agonizing.

And when I say I’ve felt like this little bird as an adult, I don’t mean I’ve been on a desperate quest to find my literal Mother.  My mom and I are like sisters, friends and mother-daughter all in one close relationship. I am not searching for her in any way.

The little bird feeling that I’m talking about has applied to my post first love, pre-marriage dating years and figuring out what I’m supposed to be when I grow up — including what kind of mother.  On the relationship front, for years and years I was looking for the perfect bird and kept dating dogs.

“Are you my soul mate?”

“No, I’m not your soul mate. I’m a dog,” said the dog.

In tandem with the life mate quest was the life purpose quest.

“Are You My Life Purpose?”


“Are You My Life Purpose?”

“No.” (more…)

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Giraffe Sweetness

Thank you so much to everyone who emailed giraffe photos this week. We have a really super sweet collection of images — and all of them were fantastic.  I’d really love to give everyone a free Sweet Songs CD for taking the time to send these along. And because I want to make sure we quickly pay off the remaining album/event costs and start sending checks to the Milk Bank as soon as possible, I’m just going to stretch this give-away to four photographers:  Eric, Clair, Bridget and Rebecca. Yay!

We will have your names on the guest list for the Mother’s Day Sweet Songs event and a CD waiting for you there. If you’re not able to attend Sunday, please send me an email, and I’ll happily send a copy of the CD to you in the mail.

Enjoy all of these gems — including my adorable niece and nephew, Matt & McKenna who worked with their Bama (my sweet Mom) to color some giraffe pictures for their cousins today.  And Eric — after seeing your incredible pictures, Botswana is officially on my list of places to experience during this life.  Could be a great family adventure when my children are older!

Thanks again to everyone!!

Eric Webber, Giraffes in Botswana

Rebecca O'Hara, Baby Loves Giraffes

Clair Gaston, Up Close Feeding Giraffe

Matt & McKenna, We Love You!

Echo Bond, Precious boy and his giraffe

James Melonas, giraffe in South Africa

Lesly Hirsch, Tiny Giraffe

Mary Elizabeth Washburn, giraffe nursing!

Melodie of, cute giraffe backpack

Pinky Martinez, RN, MSN, MMB donor since Jan 2010

Bridget Lewin, wooden giraffe

Rebecca O'Hara, Giraffe Costume

Eric Webber, giraffes in Botswana

Double Cute Matt & McKenna with Giraffe from Uncle Mark and Aunt Monica

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Sweet Songs Giraffe Contest! Win a copy of CD & pass to Mother’s Day Show

As you can imagine, I’ve looked at our cover art at least a thousand times since I first saw the painting at Andrea Burden‘s memorial service in December.

I never get tired of it. And now I love giraffes and find myself noticing them everywhere.

Here’s one I happened to notice while taking the kids for breakfast at Jo’s in downtown Austin.  This was across the street at the Eliza Page store.

So here’s the contest.  Email me a photo of a giraffe in your world.  Could be real or otherwise. And please send to me by 8 pm CST on Thursday, May 6.

We’ll gift the top 3 giraffes (or the person that photographed them rather) with a free Sweet Songs CD — and if you live in Austin, a pass to our show and brunch on Mother’s Day too.   The best ten giraffes I will post here on Attachment Mama on Friday, May 7 for everyone to enjoy.


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