On Being Born

lavendar daisyI celebrate my birthday today and find myself feeling enormous gratitude for my life and for being born to the parents that I was.

Thank you mom and dad for bringing me up exactly the way you did!

Throughout this site I will be talking about all kinds of things related to pregnancy, birth, and parenting practices for which I advocate, that my parents may or may not have done in the early 70’s.

Does that imply that I view their choices as wrong?  My immediate answer is, “No”.  Parenting  thirty-five years later than my parents, I am working with different information not available when I was born.

I love something that my husband’s step mom, Liz Cravotta, said to us after Sadie was born. She said, “You know, I think for the most part, parents just do the best they can and hope their kids forgive them when they grow up.”

Hear! Hear!

As long as we all choose to be conscious and reflective about our parenting choices and choose to stay informed on the latest science to know what’s best for our children emotionally and physically — I believe we are then truly doing the best we know how and we must be compassionate with ourselves and with our parents for doing things differently.

Through the Internet, we have access to information and the ability to learn so much so quickly and to connect with others in a way that never ceases to blow my mind.  What a magical time to be alive!

I love my family. My parents, my brother & his family, my sweet, gorgeous husband, my three beautiful girls and all my husband’s family. Life is good.

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