Sweet Songs Giraffe Contest! Win a copy of CD & pass to Mother’s Day Show

As you can imagine, I’ve looked at our cover art at least a thousand times since I first saw the painting at Andrea Burden‘s memorial service in December.

I never get tired of it. And now I love giraffes and find myself noticing them everywhere.

Here’s one I happened to notice while taking the kids for breakfast at Jo’s in downtown Austin.  This was across the street at the Eliza Page store.

So here’s the contest.  Email me a photo of a giraffe in your world.  Could be real or otherwise. And please send to me by 8 pm CST on Thursday, May 6.

We’ll gift the top 3 giraffes (or the person that photographed them rather) with a free Sweet Songs CD — and if you live in Austin, a pass to our show and brunch on Mother’s Day too.   The best ten giraffes I will post here on Attachment Mama on Friday, May 7 for everyone to enjoy.


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One Response to “Sweet Songs Giraffe Contest! Win a copy of CD & pass to Mother’s Day Show”

  1. Christi says:

    This little pink giraffe is so cute! I saw her on the way to the Children’s museum but couldn’t slow my 3 yr old down to take a picture. Can’t wait to see pictures of the event!

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