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Getting to Know the Milk Bank

Milk DonationsI fell in love with one teeny phrase in the book, The Red Tent when I read it years ago.  “Good like milk and rain.”  I don’t remember the complete context today of Anita Diamant’s words other than she was describing the richly nourishing and nurturing quality of something.  I loved the line so much that I wrapped it into the chorus of a song I wrote just prior to moving to Austin six years ago to nurture my fear of change:

Don’t worry darlin. It’s all good like rain. It’s all good.  So good like milk and rain.

Now the sweet goodness of mother’s milk is fast becoming a center point of my life  as I work to stay the course on making an album of songs for the Milk Bank while I  keep on keepin’ on nursing my littlest around the clock.

My Milk & Rain song was running through my head as I drove through the rain yesterday to go visit the Mother’s Milk Bank of Austin to learn more about what they do and talk to them about this little music for milk project I’ve got brewing that is no longer so little.  I was delighted to meet Executive Director, Rachel Muir and her Development Director, Robin Bradford.  Such nice women doing such valuable and important work for our community.

DSC_0024I got the full tour and saw where milk is pasteurized, packaged, nutritionally assessed, stored and shipped to hospitals.  Milk is divided up by its caloric content so that the highest calorie milk can be sent to in-patient babies with the greatest need.  So cool! (more…)

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