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One Mama’s Trash Dance

I hear the trash truck when it approaches our block every Tuesday morning.  Yesterday it came and went without our garbage because dear Mark, our Chief Trash-Removal Officer, was out of town and I couldn’t make it happen while getting our Littles ready for the preschool schlep. Looking at our 3/4 full recycling bin and knowing that we won’t see the recycling truck for another 2 weeks was a solid “Oh Dear” moment.

Some mornings, it’s a wonder if we all get out the door with both hair and teeth brushed (the girls and me that is) — let alone take care of a significant chore like collecting trash from around the house and taking bins out to the curb.

Man, I so look forward to the day when my husband no longer says, “You don’t need a shower, you took one yesterday.” Or worse, when I haven’t had time for a shower in two days and pony tails can no longer hide the grease, and he says, “You look fine!” It’s such a drag that he’s used to seeing me this way. I’m envisioning a time that I hope isn’t in the too distant future when I’m actually able to fully groom myself daily and have him and everyone else see this as my status quo and are surprised instead when they see me looking frumpy and unkempt.

When I choose a topic like trash or laundry to write about and read my post after-the-fact, my inner voice says things like, “JEEZ your life is is so mundane — can’t you find something more interesting to write about?” And I wonder if I’m not one of those “pathetic” women that some jerk-bird blog commenter recently described when applauding the recent NY Times article on Mommy Bloggers. (more…)

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