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Mama the Word is Love…

…You’ve got to believe me
Cuz heaven above is right here and now
And if your fists clench too tightly
You can’t hold the world no how….

Libby Kirkpatrick

These are lyrics from Libby’s masterpiece song “Mama” on the Sweet Songs album….officially coming to life on Mother’s Day. I cried when I heard this song for the first time in the studio. I’ve heard it at least 30 times since and I’m still moved every time. Take a listen here: Mama

I’d like to share “the inside story of” Sweet Songs and I’m so close to it that I’m having trouble coming up with the words. This project is so close to my heart. And like childbirth, it has been both beautiful and difficult. I’m now beginning the transition from months of contractions to finally pushing it out to share with the world. And I wonder if I’ll be better equipped emotionally (fists less clenched?) to write about this after the album is born. Here’s the basics though:

For those of you that don’t know about my labor of love, Sweet Songs is an album of children’s music that was recorded at Hideout Studios — the world-class recording studio my husband had built that sits in our backyard.  Eight singer-songwriter women from Austin, including me, contributed songs to the album. Most of us are moms; all of us love children:  Libby Kirkpatrick, Sarah Sharp, Noëlle Hampton, Elizabeth McQueen, Gretchen Janzow, Elizabeth Suggs Mary Londos and Monica Cravotta.  Texas State Musician of the Year for 2010, Sara Hickman, creatively led our recordings as producer.

Back row: Noelle Hampton, Sara Hickman, Libby Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth McQueen and baby Lisel Blossom; Front row: Andre Moran (our amazing engineer), Me and baby Izaroo, and Sarah Sharp

We are giving 100% of the CD’s profits to our local milk bank:  The Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin.

You can read more about Sweet Songs: Music for Families and hear music clips on our new web site (YAY!) courtesy of Websy Daisy at

The painting on our cover art that you see here is by Andrea Burden, the magically gifted artist (designer of Attachment Mama banner) and friend of mine who died unexpectedly in December.  I love that we are able to honor her memory through this album thanks to the incredible graphic art work of my very dear friend, Cheryl Mills.  She has been helping me tirelessly for the last few months on everything from sponsor invitations and web site design to CD cover and liner note art, posters and thank you notes — all while maintaining her full-time job. Bless her.

Mamas in the Austin area, please join us with your families on Mother’s Day at Big Red Sun for brunch and a live performance of our Sweet Songs. We will be celebrating the release of our album, advocating for mothers’ milk and honoring motherhood. Tickets on sale now at

Also watch for stories on the album coming up in the May issues of Austin Monthly, Austin Woman, Austin Family and ParentWise.

P.S.  Thanks so much for sticking with me — I know my posts have been few and far between the last two weeks. I’ve needed to dedicate every spare waking hour (while my Tinies were either cared for or sleeping) working on completing and promoting Sweet Songs and organizing our Mother’s Day event.  Now that I thankfully have an Event Coordinator Sponsor, Event Envy (YIPPEE!) and support on the media outreach front from Jo Rae and Hard Pressed Publicity, I’ll be able to nurture Attachment Mama again more regularly very soon. xxoooxxxxoooo

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Ramonster Cowpoke Swankwear

Sadie Added some Fancy to her Ramonsterwear

Sadie Added some Fancy to her Ramonsterwear

I felt pretty ridiculous when I said this, but I actually meant it when I told someone recently that Austin is a place where people come to make their dreams come true. Something about this town and its entrepreneurial arty-ness is all about supporting people in going for it — whatever it is.

Start a company. Build a School. Get a PhD. Be an Artist. Or an Athlete. Or a Writer. Or a Chef. Or a Clothing Designer…… dream it up — you’ll likely find a large network to support you in making it happen.

In other towns, you might dare risk to say out loud that you’d really like to pursue something and find a host of people ready and willing to feed your fear and suggest you play it safe.

Not Austin.

The Baby of the Family - Izaroo

The Baby of the Family - Izaroo

People here support each other in doing, expressing, creating, risking, building….in good times and in bad.

I’d like to do my part in supporting some of the crazy talented people that have crossed my path since I moved here seven years ago by showcasing their work on Attachment Mama — especially those making or doing cool things for families!

Today’s post is for Kathie Sever.  Sewing Artist Extraordinaire. Hilarious writer. Crafty Mama about to write a book about it. KICK ass cowpoke clothes for kids — and parents too.

Kathie made matching cowgirl dresses for my girls’ birthdays this Fall.  She makes adorable shirts for boys too.  The name of her clothing design business is Ramonster after her daughter, Ramona.  Love it. And Love her work.

kathie severThanks for being you Kathie!

Kathie’s husband Matt will be the one male voice on our Sweet Songs album — singing back-up on one of Libby’s songs.  I cried when I heard it in the studio last month.  So looking forward to sharing this — and the rest of the album with the world when we release it on Mother’s Day.

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