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Believe Breastfeeding Past 2 years is Healthy? Speak up!

Hey Mamas –

There’s an article today in the Huffington Post about Rielle Hunter (John Edward’s Mistress) nursing their 2 year-old toddler.  They’ve incorporated a survey:

What do you think about Rielle Hunter nursing her 2-year-old?

  • Good for her! It’s healthy.
  • Fits with all the other weird things we know about her.
  • None of my business.

I wish that a woman nursing her two-year-old wasn’t news. And I am disappointed in the juxtaposition of an important topic that could benefit from media coverage with a high-profile controversial woman that “people love to hate”.  How does that not influence a negatively slanted view on the subject?  Thankfully Huffington quickly followed what appeared to be an eye-brow raising take on extended breastfeeding with endorsing statements from the World Health Organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

To be clear, I am not standing on some Queen Bee breastfeeder be-like-me soap box here. I hold no records for nursing my babies.  I weaned my first angel when she was 17 months while pregnant with my second.  I am still nursing my second baby at 18 months and intend to nurse until she’s 2, maybe longer depending on how I feel in six months. But I applaud women that choose to nurse longer and ultimately think it’s their life, their child, their family. Each to her  own!

Whether you personally choose to breastfeed past two years or not yourself — if you agree with me that it’s normal, healthy and ultimately each woman’s business, you can “speak up” about it with your vote on Huffington Post.

I’d like to see the vote percentage for “Good for her, it’s healthy” and “It’s none of my business” sky-rocket in comparison to the “fits with all all the other weird things we know about her.”

Takes 5 seconds.  Come on y’all.

And if you feel like reading more on the subject.  KellyMom’s page on extended breastfeeding benefits rocks.

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