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The Big Deal About Holiday Sugar

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see my last post was a nostalgic celebration of my Grandma’s sugar cookie recipe.  Now, three days and 20 toddler tantrums later, I, for the first time, I’m choosing to really reflect on sugar and its impact on our family’s emotional and physical well-being, and how I might do things differently in the future.

I think I’m like most Moms when it comes to refined sugar.  I know that it isn’t good for you. Too much equals bad things like cavities, obesity, and mood swings.  And, I choose to allow it for birthdays and holidays. But really – it’s more than just allowing. I enable it, foster it, and encourage it by modeling eating sugar myself. There’s always an occasion that merits sugar.

What’s a birthday without cake or cupcakes?  What’s Halloween without candy?  What’s Christmas without a million sugary things?

Sugar is an enormous part of our culture, our family traditions, and our holidays.  So, what’s the big deal? I’ve generally answered this question like most people do:  “Everything in moderation.  A little celebratory sugar here and there is fine.”

And who wants to be the lame-ass mother that doesn’t let her child eat what the rest of the kids are eating at any given party?  I’ll never forget the Jehovah’s Witness kid growing up who could not participate in any of the holiday celebrations at school.  I remember him sitting alone at his empty desk watching the rest of us joyfully get jacked up on the sugar du jour. (more…)

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