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How Long Has It Been Since You Slept In?

It’s been almost four years for me.

For the last few months, my girls have consistently woken up at 5:45 a.m. every day and there’s nothing I can do to coax them into go back to sleep with me. I’m not sure why I continue to try every morning.  Can you relate?

Standard morning for me:

I’m in a solidly deep sleep, dreaming something I rarely remember, and I’m awoken to:


I’m startled awake and quickly go use the bathroom knowing that I won’t have a chance for the next 30 minutes or longer because that’s exactly what they both need to do. While sitting there, the call for Mama repeats three or four or five more times with increasing intensity. Sometimes with unintentional vocal harmonies between both daughters. I force the urine out of my body as fast as I can so I can ease their angst and my own discomfort with the broken record and I rush into the little room they now share. (cute)

Izzy on a twin mattress on the floor. Sadie on a twin bed next to her. Occasionally they sleep together when they want to — so adorable.

“Hi Mommy” and “Izzy wants you Mommy” said at the same time.

“OK Sweet Girls, let’s go potty. But look out the window! See how dark it is? It’s still night time and we need to go back to sleep after potty. OK? Izzy? Sleep with Mommy?”

“No sweep. Poop Mommy. Poop-Poop!”

“OK Izzy, we’ll get you on the potty right now.”

“No Mommy!  Me first!  Me first!  I have to go right now!”

“OK Sadie, we’ll let you go first since you’re in big girl undies.  Sorry Iz.”

Izzy’s already on to another impulse and doesn’t care.


Giggles from Sadie.

“Yes Izzy, let’s hide!”

“Sades, let’s wait to play Monster. She has to go potty first. So do you.”

“OK. Mommy, guess what Sofia does at school when she finishes her work?”


“She goes like this.”  (Points her finger in the air).

“Oh I see. Is that her way of saying she’s finished?”

“Yes, but that’s not what we do when we’re done.”

“What do you do?”

“Mommy! Poop! Iddy turn. Iddy turn.”

“Sadie, can you wrap it up? Izzy needs to go.”

“Mommy,” (grunt), “No.” (more…)

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