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Ideas for Quitting the Binky — And Preparing for Withdrawal

binkyOh my, this year has kicked off with the mighty roar of a lion at our house!  My husband and I have a new, fierce resolve to rise above all the challenges that nailed us in ’09.  And with this intense, “let’s make it happen” energy, there’s been a trickle-down impact on our sweet 3 year-old who was perfectly content with the status quo.

You see, one of the things we determined simply wasn’t working for us anymore was The Binky. We officially reached our limit in supporting and enabling the addiction and decided New Year’s Eve was the night to crack it and start the new year out “fresh.”

Ha ha ha.

Can’t really call the morning of January 1 particularly fresh after the crying, screaming, thrashing, begging anger that dominating the entire night. My husband described it as feeling like a scene from Trainspotting or Basketball Diaries.

And yet my intent all along was to discover a way to gently guide my daughter to choose giving up binkies herself and avoid a traumatic experience! (more…)

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