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Dr. Jay Gordon on the PBS Documentary, “The Vaccine War”

I like Dr. Gordon. I appreciate his advocacy around Attachment Parenting. Today I received a link to his blog and was taken in by what he had to say about this highly polarizing subject. We haven’t had cable since the presidential election, so I’ve been out of the loop on any television programs for quite a while and haven’t seen “The Vaccine War” documentary that aired last night myself.  Did anyone else catch it?

It sounds like PBS took a decidedly pro-vaccine stance in their presentation of the subject and chose to omit all interviews with physicians supporting parents interviewed that were ambivalent about vaccines or chose to refuse them.  Both Dr. Gordon and Dr. Robert Sears’ interviews were omitted from the program.

Neither physician can fairly be labeled “anti vaccine”.   They both give vaccines within their practices; they simply disagree with the current vaccine schedule and the number of vaccines given to children all at the same time.

He’s pretty upset with the bias of the PBS program which, he said, included “many doctors commenting very negatively, very frighteningly and often disdainfully and dismissively about vaccine ‘hesitation’.”

You can read his letter to PBS producer Kate McMahon here.

Also worth reading is his overview article on childhood vaccination from a few months ago in which he states “if I were to be invited to participate in a consultation about public health or global vaccine policy, I would readily state that vaccines do much more good than harm” and then he gives his medical opinion on all the recommended vaccines and their suggested schedule, indicating those he favors delaying (Hep B), those that he views as critical (Hemophilus influenza B for young children and the vaccine for meningococcal meningitis for kids entering college) and those that he feels are less critical (DPaT).

I choose not to advocate for one position or the other on Attachment Mama.  I think this is a very personal choice for families and every family should conduct their own research and do what feels right for them.

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