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When Mama Gets Sick

Standard prescription: “Get some rest.”


When nursing, and especially if you’re still nursing in the middle of the night, this may feel impossible and like a cruel joke when someone suggests it. Yes, it’s unfortunate that we can’t knock ourselves out for 9 hours with that glorious nighttime sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever so you can rest shot of cherry Nyquil.  Holy Moses that sounds so fantastic to me right now.

But let’s focus on what IS possible. Here’s a few breastfeeding-safe tips (safe for baby, safe for milk supply) I collected from Austin AP Mamas:

  • Zicam q-tips- saline solution that helps everything drain out.
  • Mucinex for the congestion; ibuprofen for the fever and sore throat.
  • Steam bath before bed
  • Comprehensive, reliable list of safe over-the-counter and herbal remedies:
  • My personal favorite:  Lots and lots of Vitamin C through food and supplements.  I prefer Emergen-C packets over swallowing horse pills.
  • And a recent wild card addition: Practicing Gratitude

Yes! I am grateful for this silly common cold reminding me to slow down.  I am grateful for my ability to heal myself.  I am grateful for life and for perspective.

As I write about this tonight in my stuffy state, I can’t stop thinking about Austin’s beloved Mama and Artist, Andrea Burden, who recently tragically lost her life less than 48 hours after she told a friend she wasn’t feeling well but thought she just had “the bug that’s going around.” Her headache turned out to be fatal bacterial meningitis.

One of my favorite Andrea paintings - so sweetly capturing the beauty and soul of Mother-Daughter Love

One of my favorite Andrea paintings - so sweetly capturing the beauty and soul of Mother-Daughter Love

She was such a beautiful soul who has left behind hundreds of grieving friends and many family members including a partner and two precious daughters ages 2 and 12.

Her memorial service in Austin yesterday was profoundly lovely with endless outpouring of love and honor of her Spirit — her enchanting, mystical radiance, her loving nature and the way she infused her daughters with magical fairy-like love and adoration. She was referred to as Austin’s Fairy Queen.

Hearing her older daughter speak broke my heart into 100 pieces.

She said, “God needed a new angel and picked my mom because she already was one.”

Indeed she was. I am so blessed to have part of her angelic creative hand in my site to infuse me with a bit of her precious sparkle dust whenever I write. Thank you Andrea. I’m forever grateful and inspired by the beauty you created.

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