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Mama Bear, Mama Bear, What Do You See?

I see laundry looking at me.

Laundry, Laundry, what do you see?

I see a dirty floor looking at me.

Dirty floor, dirty floor, what do you see?

I see unpaid bills looking at me.

Bills, bills, what do you see?

I see deadlines looking at me.

Deadlines, deadlines, what do you see?

I see crazy no sleep looking at me.

Crazy sleep, Crazy sleep, what do you see?

I see a grumpy house looking at me.

Grumpy house, grumpy house, what do you see?

Hmmmm.  I feel a spiral happening here.  What could I choose to see in this moment if I look carefully or focus my attention elsewhere? Quite literally…..choosing to look up and around….trying again:

Mama Bear, Mama Bear, What Do You See?

I see…

A red rose bush blooming

A blue sky with stretchy cotton clouds

A green tree dancing in the Spring breeze

A brown bird taking care of business

A black and white photo of Love


An orange Fortuna Goddess card

looking at me.

This card that’s one of 100 things spread out on my desk currently that I haven’t made time to sort through just caught my attention.  Flipped it over and here’s what it read:

“The Roman Goddess Fortuna was the same as as an earlier Italian goddess who presided over the earth’s abundance and controlled the destiny of all human beings. Her name, derived from Vortumna, ‘she who turns the year about,’ came to symbolize the capriciousness of life and luck, the vagaries of fate as the wheel of life turns around. Fortuna gives us a way to approach the ups and downs of life, a perspective that can offer us some equanimity as we proceed on our journey.”

Ah yes.  Thank you Universe.  Thank you for reminding me how it works.  I get it.  Some days.  And I may play this game for the rest of my life while I work through my solidly human foibles.

Just in case you haven’t come across this little gem of a children’s book, my ramblings today come from adapting the Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle best-seller, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear.”  Animal illustrations above are from Carle.

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