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Vacationing with Tots: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

My dear mother initiated a fabulous new family tradition this year.  For her June birthday, she would like to host an annual family vacation with our family and my brother’s family. Between his two kids and ours, we have an almost 7 year-old, almost 5 year-old, a 3 1/2 year-old and a 21 month old.

Last Thursday, we embarked on our first trip together to beautiful San Diego – a family-friendly destination with weather that had one Austin family seriously contemplating a move for about 48 hours.  We came full circle on this fantasy after realizing that despite the weather, we’re really in love with Austin, our community of friends and all that is creative and cool about our town.

It’s just those painful Austin summers! Humidity and serious hotness — high 90s — for months. And the damn mosquitoes.

In San Diego, we’ve been in perfect weather nirvana for five days. Delightful mid-70 degree, dry, bug-free air.  We deeply inhale and relish it every day.

Sea World – huge hit.  Lego Land – amazing, but better for older kids (4+).   The aquarium – solid choice for our drizzle day.

Yesterday we took the kids to check out the beach and we all wore pants and jackets.  No one was up for playing in the water, but we went to take family pictures for Christmas cards.  Our Littles were just thrilled to walk in the sand and collect sea shells.

Today, the San Diego Zoo. Absolutely amazing. What a treat.

As with anything, we learn as we go every day on what works and what doesn’t with our tots.  Our lessons learned may or may not apply to your little ones, but I’m posting here in case they are useful to anyone. (more…)

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