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“Slip, Trip, Stumble, Fall…

Tip the bucket, spill it all.  all-the-world-large

Better luck another day.

All the world goes round this way.”

Every page of Liz Scanlon’s All the World captures all that is pure, simple and earthy-true about the world we share. Playing at the beach. Climbing trees. Good food. Time with family. Day and night. Hot and Cold. Sun and Rain. Every page is beautiful thanks to her precious words and Marla Frazee’s masterful illustrations.

Because I feel like I’ve been stumbling a lot this week, her rainy day lines keep floating through my mind.

Better luck another day. All the world goes round this way.

Such a sweet nurturing message for us all when life doesn’t go the way we’d like.  We all stumble. We all fall. And what feels hard one day won’t the next.

What I desire and keep holding the intention to manifest — is steady, reliable work that will serve my higher good and the good of my family. And — WOW — it has felt like an incredible climb to bring it to life. (more…)

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Working Does Not Make You Exempt from Attachment Parenting

OK, so just because I bravely took on the title “Attachment Mama” does not mean I’m the official spokesperson for the Attachment Parenting philosophy.  I’m my own solitary trumpet — just one little Mama blog out there among thousands.

With that caveat, I’d like to say I do not believe working mothers can’t be AP mothers. Some may suggest that I’m holding this belief as a defense mechanism to assuage some guilt that I’m feeling as I gear up to re-enter the workforce full-time.

But I don’t think so. I think it’s a shame that many women believe Attachment Parenting is a standard they can’t live up to for one reason or another, and that it’s especially impossible to live up to if they work. (more…)

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