I was drawn to Austin because if its absolutely amazing music scene and the lack of pretense that comes with it. The welcoming nature of the community here likely has its roots in southern charm. Add a city that offers countless stages for musicians to play every day of the week — starting at the airport — and a solid  “the more the merrier” sentiment between musicians trumps competitive snobbery just about everywhere you go.  I witness beautiful collaborations taking place all the time.  I love it.

My husband Mark, a closet kick-ass singer-songwriter, and the ultimate creative Dreamer and Implementer, dreamed up a recording studio that we built in our backyard called Hideout Studios.  Each year of its existence brought amazing new and exciting projects and partnerships including the release of a magical children’s album called, “Sweet Songs” that I brought to life.

Contributing singer-songwriters include:  Libby Kirkpatrick, Sarah Sharp, Noelle Hampton, Elizabeth McQueenGretchen Janzow, Elizabeth Suggs, Mary Londos and me.  I am filled with gratitude their artistic contributions, for Sara Hickman’s beauty and energy and leadership as our producer, and for all the local and national businesses that helped to support this record coming to life.

Please check it out at  To do our part in advocating for breastfeeding and supporting mothers and babies in need, 100% of the profits go to the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin.

A bittersweet goodbye, we let go of our Hideout in 2011 but will forever treasure the friends and music made under its roof.


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