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New Stem Cell Hope for a Dear Mama Friend

There’s a solid moment or two after the intensity of childbirth when you ponder the deeply profound nature of the experience as the perfect rite of passage for motherhood. Because truly, if you can push a baby out of your vagina, you can do anything, right?

And yet parenting from that day forward still holds a bit of OMG-how-do-I-do-this anxiety for every mother. Every day is a juggling act and one that intensifies when you transition from one child to two.

How to give children needed attention and prepare meals and take care of the house and maintain sanity and some adult connection; how to nurture healthy self-esteems; how to foster intrinsic motivation; how to night wean and maintain  trust; how to protect from 1000 dangerous things — and one of the greatest challenges, how to care for our little ones when we’re sick.

Most of us are fortunate to experiences illness as a temporary challenge to endure. Now imagine, if you can, attempting to mother your children while living with an auto-immune disease that continues to worsen over time and has left you challenged to walk every day.

Meet my incredible, beautiful, inspiring friend Dawn Gusty, devoted stay at home mother of two boys, ages 5 and 12; and devoted wife to John Gusty. When we were in our mid-twenties and both living in Colorado, Dawn was diagnosed with MS.  Most people with MS are classified with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis which comes and goes periodically. Unfortunately, Dawn was slammed with Primary Progressive MS, which slowly worsens over time.

Thirteen years ago, Dawn experienced inexplicable tingling and numbing in her legs.  Today she is losing her ability to move around by her own free will and relies on an electric scooter to get around.

According to John, if you do some surface-level research, you will find that not much is being done to address the challenges of this disease. The pattern for MS matches the typical pattern in modern western medicine with its focus on fueling the pharmaceutical industry with prescribed drugs for people suffering from MS versus focusing on actual solutions that can slow down, stop, or even reverse a progressive disease.

Yet… there ARE simple and effective solutions out there that the U.S. deems illegal. And there is a bias against recognizing or documenting the many examples of progress currently being made.

On June 27th, Dawn and her family will travel from their home in Nashville to San Diego. There they will meet representatives from Stem Cells for Hope – A US-based advocacy brokerage company –and be taken just over the Mexican border to the financial district of Tijuana, Mexico where Dawn will undergo stem-cell treatment at a clinic which is one of many scattered throughout the world. This clinic harvests stem cells from the patient’s own tibia bone. That’s the big one between the knee and ankle. Those stem cells, with no pre-determined purpose, are then injected back into the patient’s spinal cord
as well as intravenously back into the blood stream. Then the stem cells go to work to improve Dawn’s energy levels which will give her the strength
to begin the necessary physical therapy needed to restore movement to her legs.

Dawn’s family has navigated the world of stem cell treatments enough to know two things to be true:
1. People are being helped. Not completely cured, but significantly helped.
2. There is a deliberate reluctance on behalf of the medical establishment AND the media to
recognize the amazing success stories resulting from this particular procedure.

I’m excited for my friend Dawn and depressed that once again I’m hearing a story about big business in the United States caring more about shareholder value than human lives. Sickness is big business for sure.

I intend to follow Dawn’s story and share updates here.  And I hope that bigger media outlets can grab a hold of this and report her story.  John is right, the medical establishment isn’t likely to document what’s happening for Americans in clinics in Tijuana. The more success stories that are published, the more likely the treatment can be recognized and made legal to obtain in the U.S.

Dawnie — imagining your life changing experience while in Mexico conjures up a little Skippyjon Jones that I’ve modified just for you:

My name is Skippito Dawn-ito
I fear not a single surgery-to.
My manners are mellow,
I’m sweet like the Jell-O,
I get the job done, yes indeed-o.

Please join me in holding the vision of Dawn experiencing a life-changing journey of healing!

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