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Ramonster Cowpoke Swankwear

Sadie Added some Fancy to her Ramonsterwear

Sadie Added some Fancy to her Ramonsterwear

I felt pretty ridiculous when I said this, but I actually meant it when I told someone recently that Austin is a place where people come to make their dreams come true. Something about this town and its entrepreneurial arty-ness is all about supporting people in going for it — whatever it is.

Start a company. Build a School. Get a PhD. Be an Artist. Or an Athlete. Or a Writer. Or a Chef. Or a Clothing Designer…… dream it up — you’ll likely find a large network to support you in making it happen.

In other towns, you might dare risk to say out loud that you’d really like to pursue something and find a host of people ready and willing to feed your fear and suggest you play it safe.

Not Austin.

The Baby of the Family - Izaroo

The Baby of the Family - Izaroo

People here support each other in doing, expressing, creating, risking, building….in good times and in bad.

I’d like to do my part in supporting some of the crazy talented people that have crossed my path since I moved here seven years ago by showcasing their work on Attachment Mama — especially those making or doing cool things for families!

Today’s post is for Kathie Sever.  Sewing Artist Extraordinaire. Hilarious writer. Crafty Mama about to write a book about it. KICK ass cowpoke clothes for kids — and parents too.

Kathie made matching cowgirl dresses for my girls’ birthdays this Fall.  She makes adorable shirts for boys too.  The name of her clothing design business is Ramonster after her daughter, Ramona.  Love it. And Love her work.

kathie severThanks for being you Kathie!

Kathie’s husband Matt will be the one male voice on our Sweet Songs album — singing back-up on one of Libby’s songs.  I cried when I heard it in the studio last month.  So looking forward to sharing this — and the rest of the album with the world when we release it on Mother’s Day.

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