Foodie Friday – No Soy Vegan Lasagna

I’ve noticed a few of my favorite Mama bloggers (yea Breastfeeding Moms Unite!) love to write about food on Fridays and I’m finding myself drawn to the same topic today.

I would love to share my vegan, no-soy lasagna recipe with you all.  It’s a hit with the whole team in our house.

The secret substitute for ricotta or tofu:  mashed baked sweet potatoes.

Best no-soy substitute for meat:  field roast (wheat-based) italian sausage. I have only been able to find this at Whole Foods.  Let me know if you’ve seen it elsewhere.

I layer our lasagna with pre-cooked noodles (like ’em better), mashed sweet potatoes, browned vegan sausage, sauteed zucchini and yellow squash, uncooked spinach leaves and two jars of pasta sauce.  Bake covered in oven at 375° for 40 minutes or so.


Some of you may be asking…

Why minimize or eliminate cheese from your diet?  It’s liquid meat.  Check out what vegan freak has to say about it.  I like to pretend that I’m vegan but still find myself eating cheese a few times a week.  Reading vegan freak’s description of cheese as animal pus may just be the ticket for me to let it go for good.

Why avoid soy?  I’m only recently getting clued in to the many reasons soy should be avoided.  Check out all the information on Natural Health Strategies.

So how does a vegan wanting to avoid soy get protein?  Try loading up on cruciferous vegetables (especially broccoli), various legumes (especially lentils, pinto beans and chickpeas), nuts, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries (a complete protein!), and quinoa. Quinoa cooks faster than rice and has far more protein than any other grain.

All for now my friends.  Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

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2 Responses to “Foodie Friday – No Soy Vegan Lasagna”

  1. chelsea says:

    They also carry field roast at Wheatsville Co-op! Hope you are having a great weekend! Xoxo

  2. I’ve been looking so long for great recipes. Gracias.

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