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Sierra Club photo

Since launching Attachment Mama last October, I’ve had a few internal mission statements going around in my head regarding the content.   “Keep it real” and “Keep it positive”.

Oxymoron?  Depends on any given moment in time.

Recently, I’ve had this funny new appreciation for something that — pre-marriage and children — I had often regarded with disdain: my paid work as a business writer.

I laugh thinking back on how I used to talk about work with my father during my twenties and early thirties. I’d say, “I know this comes easy to me; I know I’m really good at it; but Dad, I really think I’m supposed to be doing something else.”

What exactly I was supposed to be doing — I wasn’t sure. But as soon as I figured it out — I’d rock at it.  Something more Bohemian. Something more altruistic. Perhaps still writing — but instead of writing copy for press releases and brochures and web sites — I’d be writing plays, short stories, songs…..(a blog?). 

So here’s the unexpected full circle moment of truth that has come with motherhood, a new, mushy perspective on life and a decent stretch of time since being in Austin to explore the Creative Me and the Take-Care-of-Babies-and-a-House Me all while keeping the Business Me in my back pocket.

It took me 40 years to really get this life truism but — go figure — everything is connected.  Both around us and within us.  There are no mistakes. There is no time wasted — on anything.

A psychic friend in Boulder told me this years ago when I was going around and around trying to figure out what I should be doing.  She said, “You can’t compartmentalize life like this. How you approach whatever is in front of you, is who you are and will impact the next thing you do. Everything in life transfers from one thing to the next.”

This week, after several months of sending out resumes, interviewing and working to keep my chin up through the process — I’m back to work with a solid freelance project that I hope will stretch out until I find a full-time, steady job.

I’ve never felt more grateful for the work. And it’s not just about the income. I’m grateful to be creating something of value for someone else.  I’m grateful to be doing work that comes so naturally to me.  I’m grateful to be able to continue working from home so I can take breaks during the day to nurse and connect with my girls.

And, I’m finally celebrating the way I naturally put a PR spin on everything in my life. As it turns out, working in communications was and is exactly what I’m “supposed” to do. It’s the perfect extension of a childhood with parents who raised us to focus on the positive and be like-able. “If you cant say something nice; don’t say anything at all” was a frequently stated credo.

And, lucky me, I can keep on keepin’ on with my other creative interests too. I can be fully expressed here. Maybe some day I’ll get paid for this, which would be nice.  But I don’t really care.  It’s pure joy for me to simply do it. And maybe someday I’ll write a play and witness it being staged. That would be amazing.  All in good time.

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6 Responses to “Back to Work Reflections”

  1. chelsea says:

    very good reminders — as my mind spins with the overwhelming task of finding paid work after being a stay-at-home-mom, i really appreciate these thoughts. no wasted time…i need to absorb that one!!

    hope you are enjoying your weekend! i miss you!

  2. Dawn J. says:

    My dear sister laughed when she read this and sent it to me – it reminded her so much of us both. Oh our circled youth!!! You are so right, there is no time wasted. Thank you!

  3. Leenie says:

    Great post, Monica. I love our ability to find the truth in everything. I love your blog. Keep up the great work. You are doing IT!

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