Inspiration for Living Your New Year’s Resolutions

Someone shared recently that she was rejecting the concept of New Year’s resolutions and choosing instead to appreciate who she was completely today. I love that and I think it’s a beautiful way to be and to model self-love for our children.

I also believe that in living this human life, part of what drives us to get up in the morning is a desire to create something new. That creative spirit lives within everyone and manifests in different ways.  For some it’s the desire to create more heart-felt connection within a family. For others it’s creating community, a new business, an art form, or a garden.  So I think making resolutions at the end of each year on what we’d like to create next is great too.

Whatever is in your dreams to create in your life next year, here’s a little musical inspiration for bringing it to life.  I was listening to an album today that we produced in our recording studio and was totally taken in by the lyrics of one song in particular that feels like the perfect Happy New Year Resolutions song.

It’s called “Who Else Will?”  by Danya River. My favorite lines:

“You are an arrow in the dark

And you are its lucky mark

And in the marrow of your heart

You know everything you need

If you don’t live the life you dream, then who else will?”

Here’s the song:  Who Else Will

Such a powerful truth! If you seek guidance in your creative expression, Danya is also a Creativity Coach. You can reach her through her web site:  Everything is Art Coaching

Dreaming of singing more, or singing for the first time?  I highly recommend vocal coach Guy Monroe.

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