For the Benefit of Your Children

What would you do?

I would guess most of us say we’d do anything for the benefit of our children short of robbing a bank so they could go to private school.  If it would save their lives – we’d give our own.  On a less dramatic note, we sacrifice sleep and the sanity that comes with sleep to ensure our babies are cared for around the clock. We go without something for ourselves because money is tight and we’d prefer they have it — new clothes, music lessons, etc.  These are simple sacrifices in the name of love that don’t require much effort.

I’ve been moved lately to get in touch with the more subtle, yet deeply impactful, things I can do or not do for the benefit of my children. This is less about giving them something specific, or sacrificing something specific for myself.  This is about a way of being.  It’s finding the courage to dig into the limiting beliefs I have about myself and resulting patterns of behavior and train myself to try on something different.  To take this familiar, comfortable old “I can’t” shoe and chuck it over a bridge.

Playing PianoEncouraging and supporting my angels to pursue their heart’s desire is easy.  Modeling this — which means a hell of a lot more to them than my words — not so easy!  I am faced with the daily struggle to fully embrace self-love and courage and the view that work is play and play is work so practicing my interests becomes effortless. And instead of finding 100 things wrong with what I’m doing or not doing either as a Mom or a writer or a singer, I stop and celebrate everything that is absolutely wonderful about each day.

What an incredible gift for a child to hear and witness that absolutely anything is possible for him or her and that allowing the mystery of life to unfold is fun!  First, because they are lovingly left to discover and pursue their own interests and not overwhelmed with praise or criticism which can be paralyzing on either front.  And second, because they see and experience their mommy and daddy’s joyful pursuit of their passions.

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