Making a Children’s Album to Benefit The Mother’s Milk Bank

String's Attached White Album show Nutty Brown Cafe 06

String's Attached White Album show Nutty Brown Cafe 06

When I was pregnant with my first daughter in 2006 my husband and I were building our house, along with our recording studio in the backyard. During my pregnancy, I sang backup for the String’s Attached White Album show and befriended two other singers also singing in the show who happened to be due with their first babies the same week as me — Libby Kirkpatrick and Sarah Sharp.  We were quite a sight to behold on stage together!

A few months after all of our babies were born, I began cooking up an idea for the three of us to record a children’s music album together in our studio.  They both agreed that it sounded like fun and the seed was planted.

Over the next nearly three years with many stops and starts, more babies born, six more amazing women invited to participate, and Sara Hickman agreeing to produce the album — my little idea to record an album with a few friends has grown into something much bigger and is coming to life. I’m proud and scared and occasionally overwhelmed and find myself repeating my favorite mantra daily, “I can, I will, I am.” It’s one thing to dream up something and sell others on the idea, and another thing altogether to actually do it, to generate and regenerate momentum, and ensure everyone involved feels good about their choice to be a part of it.

We determined early on that we wanted to do this album for charity, donating our profits to a non-profit that served mothers and/or babies and children. The Mother’s Milk Bank got the final vote. As a vocal breastfeeding advocate, I’m thrilled with our choice.  I honestly didn’t know about the need for donated milk, its ability to save lives of premature and ill babies and I regret not having donated my milk when I could.

What a beautiful opportunity to raise awareness about the critical benefits of breastmilk!  Through sales of our album and performances of the music, we can spread the message to new moms to consider donating and advocate for breastfeeding in general.

My biggest challenge as I round the corner of making this dream come to life, is figuring out how to pay for it.  Dang – albums are expensive to make!  I was so naive to think I could pull off making an album super cheap since we owned a recording studio.  There’s so many other people involved and much more to do besides lay down tracks.  Next month, all kinds of players will be coming to Hideout to support our songs with their instrumental talents. Then new vocal tracks. Then Mixing. Mastering. Artwork. Photography. Duplication. A web site. Marketing. Publicity. Radio promotion. A Mother’s Day CD release concert for families.

It’s feels awkward seeking donations in the middle of a recession when most of us are just doing our best to keep the roof over our heads and our families fed.  So let me just say if you’re able and inspired to contribute to the cause, I would be most grateful. If it’s not possible, and you’d like to offer moral support by passing along the information about this album and our cause to your friends through your own blog, your Facebook page, etc., I am equally grateful.

Here is our “Chip-In” web page with details about the album and a link to donate through Pay-Pal.

Mil gracias. Mille merci. Truly — A Thousand Thanks.

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